How to ship diamond safely

If you're shipping a diamond yourself, there are lots of things you have to think about: choose the carrier and insurance, pack the shipment. But there's nothing to worry about, if you want to ship a diamond bought on Diamond Open Market. DOM has partnered with some of the world-best shipping services.

There are many options to ship a diamond worldwide, starting from postal service and logistics services like DHL or FedEx. But there are also professional companies that specializes in the secure transportation and handling of currency and valuables throughout the logistics supply chain. One of the most acknowledged companies in this business is Brink's.

Brink's is much much more than just a shipping company, as it offers services of consulting and designing streamlined solutions to suit a specific business needs. The company provides advanced security solutions, controlling every step of supply chain and fulfilling all the requirements and value added services such as Customs Clearance, Inventory Management, Cash Processing and much more. Brink's is the global standard for secure logistics and supply chain management.

How much does diamond shipments cost? It is calculated by the price of the diamonds shipping and physical volume of the package. But shipping companies offer discounts from services or platforms they have partnered with. This means, in a not too distant future we will tell you more about the price of diamonds shipping to and from Diamond Open Market.

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