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Knowledge base

  1. Is Diamond Market Saturated?
  2. Facts about diamonds.
  3. Why a diamond marketplace is better than the diamond exchange?
  4. Selling a diamond was never that easy.
  5. Not only jewellery: diamond use-cases.
  6. Diamonds are not forever.
  7. Open Market is a fair market.
  8. Diamond marketplace is a global sale.
  9. How to ship diamond safely.
  10. Debourse as the guarantor of physical transactions.
  11. Debourse is a commodity exchange.
  12. Responsible sourcing on Diamond Open Market.
  13. Is diamonds a stable asset?
  14. White and colored diamonds.
  15. Large diamond manufacturer caught on undervaluing rough diamond prices.
  16. Which diamond will "tothemoon" next?
  17. Industry representatives fake fight for fair pricing.
  18. Bias and lie: what it takes to impose high prices.
  19. Busting myths about diamonds.
  20. Why banks are getting out of diamond business.
  21. How ethical diamonds leverage high prices?
  22. Who benefits from using blockchain solutions in diamond market today?
  23. How Diamond Bourses Work.
  24. We bring liquidity to diamond market.
  25. Diamond Open Market as a supplier for high-tech industry.
  26. Why diamonds will eventually increase in value.
  27. The Story of Nirav Modi, a diamond fraudster.
  28. How the prices are being inflated in the inclosed diamond market.
  29. Can we completely trust diamond certifications?
  30. How De Beers is fighting the Chinese lab grown diamonds.
  31. Why younger generation will prefer Debourse to buy diamonds.
  32. What is a Kimberley process.
  33. What is the margin for diamond retailers?
  34. Diamond middle market is in danger of collapse.
  35. RapNet say no to synthetics, Debourse say yes.