Diamond marketplace is a global sale

We live in a time when traditional companies retreat under the pressure of new business models. The rules of business, sales, advertising, logistics, etc. are changing. When we want to buy something, we search it online. Traditional markets and sales models become more and more a thing of the past and being replaced by trading platforms and price aggregators, which are known as marketplaces.

This also applies to the diamond market. Until recently, diamonds could only be bought in jewelry stores or from speculators. In both cases, the buyer overpaid for the gem. Shopping at jewelry stores no longer seem so attractive when there are much better deals on the Internet market. However, it’s not about the price only. It's about people who wish to choose themselves, doing this with maximum convenience and usability. That's what made a completely new business model appear.

The marketplace is the link between the supplier and the customer. It is obvious, that first task of a marketplace is to attract both sellers and buyers to ensure the transactions. The first ones are mainly interested in profitably selling the goods, the second ones want to profitably buy. Diamond Open Market will work both ways and everyone can be a seller and a buyer at one time.

Second task is to ensure the effective interaction - easy, fast and convenient. On Diamond Open Market, one can pay and receive money easily, safely and by variety of payment methods: fiat money transfers and cryptocurrency payments will be available.

Third task is to ensure the safety of business. On Diamond Open Market a rate system will be applied for participants and for the diamonds. No need to visit an appraiser, who will underestimate the real cost of a gem or send it to a gemological analysis, which is costly. Simply fill convenient form with all known characteristics and sell the diamond like any other goods.

Diamond Open Market is a decentralized commodity exchange to buy, sell and trade any types of diamonds. Your own fair pricing, zero fees, physical delivery and other features.