Why we had chosen EOS as a blockchain platform

When we considered various blockchain platforms to build Diamond Open Market on, we had identified three key points, which the chosen platform should satisfy.

These key points are:
the possibility of development of smart contracts with our own business logic;
the absence of fees on transactions;
the high rate of transactions.

EOS was the one to meet all our needs. Its greatest benefit is combining all the best features of decentralized technologies.

Firstly, it allows to build a variety of powerful solutions, including complex smart contracts, while providing convenient set of services for everyday tasks. Many blockchain systems are able to perform 100 000 transactions per second and use smart contracts, however, EOS is also capable to apply additional functions into the standard patterns.

Secondly, EOS presents DPoS consensys system, which doesn’t require paying commissions for transactions by the users. The DPoS governance model is built on validators, voting to approve the transaction. Such organization also allows to adjust the EOS source code for our own developments - easily and fast.

Finally, the performance of the EOS ecosystem has one of the highest indicators among blockchain systems. Each block of data is produced every half a second, forming sequential cycles, which greatly reduce any latencies, making the bottom limit nearly infinite.

So now you had a glimpse on how the Diamond Open Market will operate: it will be fast, convenient and improvable for every solution we ever decide to apply. To learn more about the technical advantages of Diamond Open Market, read our whitepaper.