Why a diamond marketplace is better than the diamond exchange?

1. Historically diamonds have been traded on closed B2B exchange platforms. Marketplace is a space open for any kind of audience and any kind of business relations including P2P and B2C.

2. A marketplace is able to gather in one place individual diamond holders, buyers, diamond cutters, jewelers, as well as those involved in the gemstone business. Individual holder will be able to sell diamonds not only to jeweler, but to any interested person across the whole world.

3. Marketplace can be an excellent option not only for those who want to buy a valuable gift for beloved one at a reasonable price, but also for those who want to open their own online jewelry store. There is no need to make a website, promote it, rent an office or a warehouse. DOM has everything ready. Marketplace opportunities are enough to organize and coordinate small and medium businesses.

4. Until now market monopolists evaluate diamonds themselves, trying to get the maximum profit from each client. Markups of jewellery stores turn diamonds into an unreasonably expensive item. Having bought a diamond in such a store, it won't be possible to sell it back for the same amount. The marketplace will gather diamonds from individual owners and sellers who will compete with each other, offering buyers the most attractive prices.

5. When you buy a diamond in jewelry store or from speculator, the data on the deal is never entered into any database, which can be used in case you want to sell the stone. A modern marketplace, like Diamond Open Market, will store data on every deal in the blockchain where this information can be checked and verified at any time.

All together this will create new opportunities for all the diamond market participants.