What is a Kimberley process

Blood diamonds appeared on the market more than 10 years ago what led to creation a system to liquidate their trading. But this system is not transparent, so it creates an ideal cover story. To solve this problem, the Kimberley process was started.

The Kimberley process is a certification system including a series of reports to clarify the relations between diamond trading and conflicts financing. But this process has many flaws. Firstly, it solves only the problem of mining and trading of conflict diamonds, but forgets about unfair salary, child slavery, other problems with diamond mining jobs.

Secondly, it can’t prevent eviction of those people who live on diamond mines. Or this can lead to more serious problems - in 2008 Zimbabwean soldiers killed 200 people during such a conflict.

Moreover, a Kimberley Process certificates a batch of diamonds, not an individual stones which then is being cut and shipped around the world without any tracking system.

That’s why all you hear about “responsible sources” from a retailer is mostly bullshit. Only data on trading, including the price, the location and characteristics of stone, stored in the immutable blockchain might serve as a reliable source of information.

This situation and other problems on the global diamond market gave us a push to create Diamond Open Market with fair prices and transparency available to everyone. The diamond market must be re-organized.