Responsible sourcing on Diamond Open Market

Diamonds are small and have a lot of value, that's why they have long been a source of controversy and conflict. Diamonds from producers supporting civil wars or any illegal activity are considered conflict. Luckily, today they amount to less than 0.1% of the global market.

For the most of countries, where diamonds are mined, diamond production is a source of jobs creation and community building. Still some countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Angola, Sierra Leone and Liberia do not completely follow and preserve the ethical and democratic practices of diamond manufacturing. So today it is market's responsibility to protect the workers and not flood the market with conflict diamonds.

Diamond Open Market has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Being a responsible member of the diamond market, we work with members of our community to ensure all diamonds presented on our marketplace come from ethical sources.

Every our customer needs to pass KYC/AML procedure. The data of customer, including the information on deals, is stored in the blockchain, which guarantees its immutability. If any of our customers will ever be found violating the responsible sourcing principle, we will immediately exclude him from all the platform's services. Our policy on responsible sourcing is evolving and we will support any process that strives to uphold ethical standards in the diamond trade.