Open Market is a fair market

Decentralized Diamonds Marketplace is a new blockchain platform where you can easily buy and sell diamonds. Diamond market was always closed for wide audience, being accessible for a small amount of privileged people. The price of diamonds historically formed non-transparently, being inflated by the markups of many intermediaries.That’s why we are building a decentralized platform where everyone can sell or buy diamonds for actual prices.

There are several points why DOM is the best diamond market now.

First of all, we eliminate intermediaries and more equitably distribute income among market participants. That’s why all profits go to jewelers, not to second-hand dealers, and the buyer saves his money. Our mission is to remove undeserved players from the market and give everyone the opportunity to choose appropriate diamond. Today the minimal price of a cut diamond is two times higher than it should be.

Furthermore our platform is free to enter and there is no commissions for both buyers and sellers. We gather active users and other financial markets participants on our exchange. Our rating system will help you to find the best seller with best prices.