Not only jewellery: diamond use-cases

Technical characteristics of diamonds are unique, which make them the most solid substance in the world. That's why the use of diamonds is not limited by creating the jewelry only. It's being used in a variety of activities, bringing great benefits.

Building equipment Such a time-consuming process as cutting is hard without diamond coating tools, which greatly facilitates the process. The material is cut very carefully and does not form microcracks.

Extraction of minerals When drilling oil wells, diamond coated drills are widely used. Diamond drilling is also indispensable in the construction of water supply systems and sewers.

Optics and solar cells Diamonds are widely used in astronomical optics as a protective agent for optical instruments. They are also applied to photo elements.

Chemistry and physics Diamonds withstand not only the impact of acid and other destructive compounds, but also temperature fluctuations.

Telecommunications The cables with inclusion of diamonds are very resistant to environmental influences and have high wear resistance.

Space exploration In this sphere diamond coating is applied to increase the strength of an aircraft.

Medicine Scalpels as well as dental equipment require high accuracy with high quality, so diamond coating has long become indispensable in this sphere.