Industry representatives fake fight for fair pricing

Everyone, including monopolists, knows that the global diamond market is overpriced. And that problem should not just be discussed, but solved.

According to it, last week the opening ceremony of the 7th European Gemmological Symposium was held in Germany. There the president of CIBJO (The World Jewellery Confederation) appealed for creation of grading standards and conceptual construct in order to procure the integrity of the gem market and to not to run the risk of losing consumer confidence which is too valuable for this market. To let the commercial organizations optimise the effectiveness in the long term, it’s necessary to make the environment of their business responsible and fair. That means that the market should be transparent and open to let the customers understand what the market offers and what it sells.

But, unfortunately, such symposiums are held just to promise great changes, but not to make them. We’ve chosen another way – we’re already making a revolution on the global diamond market. We have already raised investments, and now we are developing an opened platform to trade diamonds. If you also want to invest in our project - on June 16 we will start IEO on the Exrates exchange platform.