DOM token use-cases

Diamond Open Market is a place not only to sell or buy the asset, like the most of exchange platforms. It will also present a set of services for diamond producers, wholesalers and other market professionals. To make these services fully integrated in Diamond Open Market ecosystem, we decided them to be paid by DOM token solely.

Let's have a look at the list of DOM token-powered services.

Diamond producers, wholesalers and jewellers will be able to launch their ads and promotions campaigns to make their business more visible and noticeable to the platform's users. Also DOM will offer help for the large traders who account their assets in third-party programs. DOM can take over making and publishing orders, based on the information provided by the seller.

For those traders, making complex deals, which include rather selling or buying of a huge amount of diamonds or regular dealing, or deals with different counterparts, our consultants are ready to help and manage the technical part, assuring the deal will be done the fastest way possible.

For VIP clients who wish to have special assistance or learn about the special offers as soon as they appear on the platform, DOM will offer premium support by personal manager.

Another options available for DOM token are insurance of deals and storage services, which assure the safety of diamonds during all the deals processing; relevant search, which will help to find the best offers, based on a concrete request; trade stats, which will help to have a deeper glimpse on the diamond market's supply and demand.

All together these functions will serve to bring the best trading experience and open a whole new world of possibilities for the open diamond market participants.