Diamond Open Market as a supplier for high-tech industry

Lab-grown diamonds have been produced for about 60 years, but only today retail price halved and the wholesale prices dropped threefold thanks to the technological improvements. For example, now a CVD produced diamond costs $300-500 per carat instead of $4000 as it did ten years ago.

Efficiency of diamonds production in laboratories increase, new companies-competitors appear on the market. Today the market of lab-grown diamonds for high-tech applications is getting bigger every year, as new chemical vapor deposition technology allows to grow higher-quality and larger diamonds for lesser time.

These are only few applications of such diamonds: electrode in electrolytes, sensors, detecting probes, medical treatment devices, semiconductor components. The current amount of lab-grown diamonds estimated 2 million carats. And this market is expected to grow to 10-17 millions carats by 2030 supported by demand and attractive economics.

Not only consumers demand in a jewellery gave us a push to create Diamond Open Market. Our platform will also provide fair prices and accessibility to everyone in high-tech industry. DOM will connect manufacturers of lab-grown diamonds with buyers from high-tech industry all over the world.