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Worldwide marketplace where diamonds and gems are traded

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Diamond Open Market platform
It is very simple to place a DEAL
Any kind of delivery
Any kind of payment
Get requests from buyers and sellers

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DeBourse features

Classified platform and exchange of contact details

Open trading platform with equal conditions for all participants
Open trading platform with equal conditions for all participants
No need for complex registrations and permits, handshakes and relatives in business
The best prices for certified diamonds
The best prices for certified diamonds
Individual buyers and sellers from all over the world form the real prices instead of saturated monopolized ones
Zero fees on transactions
Zero fees on transactions
Pay only subscription, everything else is free
Trusted and transparent
Fair and transparent deal due to database
Every deal data safely stores on database and can be shared among interesantes
Registration in Switzerland
Variety of means of payment
Worldwide credit cards are accepted to pay subscription via Stripe
The best security solutions
The best security solutions
Our security team is worldwide. Preventing fraud and hackings 24/7
Advanced technology
Advanced technology of searching and sorting the diamonds
Clarity technology of facet searching and sorting deals No need to be pro to trade gemstones! Friendly and intuitive interface
Social network inside the platform
Social network and a messenger inside the platform - soon
Contact the counterparty immediately. Ask community any questions. Conveniently and fast
Convenient mobile version
Convenient mobile version available for IOS and Android (June.2023)
Trade on the go. Meet your buyers and sellers personally. Find partners for business
Personal manager
Personal manager for business and VIP clients
For big clients we have big benefits. Ask our support to learn the advantages of doing business on the platform
No risk shipping
No risk shipping
–°hoose the method of obtaining gemstones yourself in contact with the seller. Fast and secure delivery to any country of the world

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If you are BUYER

We gather active users of physical diamond/gemstones exchanges and other small markets from all around the world

Here you can find jewelers, cutters, polishers, manufacturers, skilled diamond traders from around the world, in deal for you to find the best prices and quality. The best way is publish a purchase DEAL and get lots of offers from those who are really interested in a partnership


How much does a diamond cost?

There are two main price reports made by Alrosa and Rapaport. They are mainly done to specify the amount of diamonds allowed for purchasing. The prices indicated don't reflect the real demand, but adjust artificial supply for artificial demand.

How can one sell a diamond nowadays?

The options are almost none. Your luck might help you to find a jeweller to sell a diamond to, but the price will be significantly below fair level. Most of existing trading platforms don't allow to sell, but only to purchase a diamond.

Why a jeweller underestimates diamond?

Buying a cut diamond, a jeweller can earn only by adding value to the product. A jewellers usually earn purchasing raw materials and cutting it or adding to a frame. Still market makers impose them high prices.

What affects the price of a diamond?

Many factors combined form the value and price of a diamond. These include carats amount, jewelry brand, color, quality of a cut and a clarity of raw material.

What price is fair for diamonds?

Let the open market decide itself.

Which gems are accepted for sale/purchase on the platform?

Any - you create the name of the gem yourself and it is displayed in the stock of offers. Our system does not suggest you to fill out complex samples and ask you to decide for yourself the name of the stone you are selling

What will the sales process on Debourse look like?

One has to simply fill the specification form, indicate the price and select the location of diamond. The buyers will be notified immediately after the position is in the deal book. The demand on an application will be formed due to buyers requests and a seller will be able to instantly see the deals fit and choose among the buyers.

What are the requirements for platform users?

Your contacts is enough. We do not require any guarantees - all responsibility for making a decision is yours. Please, read our disclamer

We will gently top up your account with 2 ORDERS to try out how cool and comfortable it works

If you are SELLER

A full-time marketing campaign works for you! We involve everyone who is interested in buying your gemstones and show them ads on Facebook and Google.
Carefully fill in all the fields in the DEAL form: add photos and videos, and you will be contacted directly by the Buyer.
We don't charge any commission on your sale!

We will gently top up your account with 2 ORDERS to try out how cool and comfortable it works

DeBourse gemstone placement goals

To introduce transparent pricing and fair trading for all

To give the possibility not only profitably buy, but also profitably sell the gemstones

To show the real supply and demand

To introduce the trading of lab-grown gemstones

To make a reliable blockchain base to track history of a particular gemstone trades

To present a digital platform (Debourse) for servicing the gemstone market

To make price lists for gemstones a history

To maintain the highest levels of functionality and convenience for the users

Tariff info

  • 2 contacts (or)
  • 2 orders
  • Research pricing
  • Free registration
  • Unlim surfing
  • Support 24/7
  • Get contacts
  • Excel forms
  • $29-99
  • Company logo
  • Personal link
  • All unlimited
  • Mailing Ad
  • Assistant
  • $990


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